martes, 28 de abril de 2009

My Shihtzu and his bladder stones

I want to let everyone know that my shihtzu of 4 years and 7 months has bladder stones...I first noticed a problem last year in October. Just last week 4/19/09 I had to rush my dog to a 24 hour animal hospital because he looked faint because he couldn't urinate. My dog was 100% clogged with bladder stones. He was quiet, depressed and his bladder was large and firm. In order to make him comfortable they put a urinary cath and flushed his bladder 3 times. He was given some antibiotics just for the temporary relief. I thought that this would be the end of it but to my surprise it wasn't. I was told he needed surgery withing 24 hours because he would clog again and this could cause his death. I was in shock. When they told me the cost of the surgery I about fainted $1400 dollars and it needed to be paid all at once. I fell to my knees because I could not afford it. In a frenzie I began to call other Vets and pretty much it was all the same. I came home in tears and distrout in hope to find something for my dog. I began surfing the net for options and I found PAW HEALERS. I read some of the testimonies and I immediately got on the live chat and received a phone call immediately. I was told there was hope and was sent the remedy for Bladder and Kidney Stones. I wasn't sure this was going to work but at this point I had no other choice. I'm glad I did because today 04/28/09 Coco is still with me and back to his old self. He urinates with no difficulty and is back to his hyper self. He shows no signs of straining when urinating and is just doing fine like if nothing ever happened. I am forever greatful to Paw Healers for saving my COCO....I love him dearly and if it wasn't because of this remedy I don't believe he would be with me today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I've taken a picture of the diagnosis from the animal hospital so you all can see the severity of his stones. I have also included a picture of Coco today!!! He has not suffered any type of side effects from this treatment.